Integrity-based SRI Screening
The screening by IntegreX aims to assess corporate integrity and transparency. The basic idea is that companies which conduct business ethically with integrity and transparency will be able to attain good relationships with society and achieve sustainable growth. Therefore, by investing in those companies, we are able to build a safer and fairer society and leave a better world to the future generations.

Base of Integrity Screening

ECS2000: Ethics Compliance Management System Standard 2000
ECS2000 is a business ethics standard which was developed by the Business Ethics Research Project (established by Business Ethics and Compliance Research Center at Reitaku University) and released in May 1999.
It was developed based on the realization that:

1. Simply making codes of conduct or guidelines is not sufficient to alter the ethical environment of Japanese corporations.

2. It is necessary for the business community to systematically assist individual organizations in building effective ethics-compliance management systems.

ECS2000 can be used as the basis for building an effective and realistic ethics-compliance management system. The structure of the standard was developed by conducting wide-ranging consultations with experts in the various fields including government officials, accreditation agencies, leading corporations, and accounting firms, and by soliciting ideas and opinions from lawyers, CPAs, and business ethicists.

R-BEC001: Reitaku Business Ethics and Compliance 001

R-BEC001 is a series of questions developed by Business Ethics and Compliance Research Center, Reitaku University based on ECS2000. It is used as a base for Integrity Screening.