Helpline - IntegreX Hotline

It is very important for corporations to take pre-emptive measures to prevent fraud or scandalous events before they actually occur and damage the corporate reputation. In order to do so, it is necessary for each corporation to have a balance and check system so that even if such an event occurred, it can be dealt with quickly within the company (group) before information leaks outside, and a sincere explanation of the facts can be made to the customers and the public so that support and trust can be regained.

At IntegreX, as a fair and outside third party, we offer an IntegreX Hotline service as a helpline service to our clients, as a way to collect risk information based on the Whistleblower Protection Act. The whistleblowerfs privacy is guaranteed, which strengthens the function to assess the companyfs risk information, and it also works as a showing of strong commitment for internal and external checks and balances against fraud. IntegreX provides advisory services on drafting internal regulations regarding whistleblower protection, as well as methods of research on employee awareness on compliance issues.

We can work with group companies, vendors, and international companies as well.
We currently have over 600 lines working. (starting from \30,000/month (tax not included))

IntegreX Hotline