Integrex Inc. provides the following services in order to support the enhancement and establishment of corporate risk management and compliance.

IntegreX Hotline

The IntegreX Hotline provides employees of client companies with an effective and efficient option for reporting illegal or unethical activities that may cause loss or harm to the companies or employees themselves, such as violations of laws and regulations, fraud, falsification or destruction of company records, release of proprietary information, conflicts of interest, etc.
Because of its anonymousness, it also serves as an option for employees who might otherwise feel uncomfortable to come forward.

Compliance Monitoring

IntegreX offers services to plan, develop and execute employee ethics-compliance (CSR) surveys. Because privacy of respondersf is kept, not only the reality of ethics-compliance (CSR) awareness but also potential risks can be recognized, which is very important for efficient risk management.

IntegreX Training

IntegreX offers clients ethics-compliance training, resulting in the most comprehensive and cost-effective approach to enhancing employeesf ethics-compliance awareness and reducing the risk and mitigating the liability of corporate compliance failure. We plan internal study sessions and seminars for corporate executives and employees including case methods, role playing studies and project-based learning.